By focusing on your needs, we deliver tailored and timely solutions to solve your environmental challenges. Take a look at some of our featured projects to find out how we’ve been able to help our clients.

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Travers Solar Project environmental assessment, permitting, and construction support

Resource Specialists Support for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project

Mine Water and Selenium Management Plan

WaterCharger Battery Energy Storage System – Environmental Assessment and Permitting

Environmental Support for Finch West Light Rail Transit Construction Project

Environmental services for Keyera KAPS project

Power Pole Preservative Fate and Transport Modelling and Risk Assessment

Air Quality Assessment: In Situ Thermal Oil Sands SAGD Facility

Lithium Brine Deposit Resource and Reserve Estimate

Flood Mitigation Study for New Hamburg

Pipeline Crossings – Hydrogeological Risk Ranking and Assessment

Pre- and Post-Disturbance Water Well Testing and Assessment

Oil Sands Exploration Site Closure Experience

Well Site Reclamation Portfolio

Well Site Abandonment, Remediation and Reclamation Portfolio

Inactive Well Site Closure Portfolio

West Eau Claire Park Public Realm Plan

Golden Ranches conservation area: Assessment and remediation

Drumquin Park Weir Removal and Channel Enhancements

Frenchman River Reconnection Project for Trout Unlimited Canada

River Engineering and Technical Services GIS Support

Spill Response and Remediation Program Management

AltaLink Substation Reclamation

Gas-Fired Power Plant Approval

Elemental Energy Brooks Solar Project

City of Calgary 12 St. S.E. Bridge Replacement

High Water Mark Database

AltaLink Oldman River Bank Protection

About Pipelines Map

Signalta Resources Power Plant Approval

Natural Gas Pipeline Release

Source Water Protection and Management

Fertilizer Plant Soil Monitoring Program

Decommissioned Gas Plant and Well Sites

ATCO Electric Powerline Environmental Evaluation

Fort McMurray East 500 kV Transmission Line Routing

Stormwater Management Functional Design

CANA Substation Soil Management and Inspection

Subwatershed Study to Support Land Use Planning

Canmore Cougar Creek Debris Flood Retention

Environment, Health, Safety, and Regulatory Compliance Audits

Highway 407 East Expansion – Geomorphology and Channel Design

Discovering a Reliable Groundwater Source

City of Medicine Hat Management System Support

Risk Management of an Underground Storage Tank

Bakken Crude Oil Pipeline

Numerical Modelling for Mine Dewatering

Water Supply for Hydraulic Fracturing

Hangingstone Environmental Impact Assessment

Calgary Zoo Flood Mitigation

Patos-Marinza Oilfield Air Quality Assessment

Carbon Disclosure Climate Change Program