Matrix was engaged to design a water and selenium management program as part of a Feasibility Study and to complete baseline environmental monitoring and assessments to support the groundwater and surface water components of an EPEA application for the Tent Mountain open pit coal mine project. 


Our team developed a site-wide, integrated mine water and chemistry balance model for the proposed mining operation using Stella dynamic systems modelling software. This model informed our design of a selenium management plan to mitigate risks to environmental receptors. Matrix completed hydrogeological investigations and collected surface water flow and quality data for the EPEA application. We also developed and calibrated a 3D numerical model (FEFLOW) of the site, which was used to complete the hydrogeological assessment for the application. 

Numerical model mesh showing assigned hydraulic conductivity zones


  • Matrix was part of a large team of consulting companies which required us to coordinate and manage information flow between multiple parties. We tackled this challenge by maintaining regular communication with all stakeholders involved, implementing strong project management fundamentals, and providing a centralized data management strategy.
  • The changing regulatory setting for developing coal mines in the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta created uncertainty for our client. Our team helped keep our client abreast of these changes and their implications for the EPEA application.


Matrix’s contributions to the EPEA application were successfully prepared and vetted by our client. Due to the changing provincial regulations, the application was not filed, and the project plans have since evolved to include development of a renewable energy complex.


Montem Resources Corp.




August 2018 – March 2021


Water Resources Engineering & Management


  • Aquifer assessment 
  • Groundwater quality assessment 

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