Aquatic resources management

Increasing environmental responsibilities, shifting regulatory environments, and a changing climate mean you need to have an effective approach to aquatic resource management. Our combined expertise in aquatic resources and environmental subject areas is unique in Canada. We have scientists and engineers with expertise in hydrology, geomorphology, hydraulics, groundwater, water quality, aquatic ecology, wetlands, and water chemistry, all working together. To support these integrated assessments, we scale our range of analytical tools and information management systems to provide you with the best solution based on your project needs.

Key service areas include:

  • Aquatic habitat assessment and fish compensation
  • Climate change impacts, drought assessments, and environmental flow studies
  • Construction compliance and monitoring
  • Drinking water source protection
  • Environmental impact studies and assessments
  • Groundwater and surface water interaction studies
  • River and geomorphic systems assessment
  • Surface water, groundwater, water quality, and integrated modelling
  • Watershed and environmental servicing plans

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Strathcona Berm Stabilization Project

Strathcona Berm Stabilization Project

The Project is located near the City of Edmonton in Strathcona County. A front‑end engineering design study was completed by the client to determine the stability of the slopes adjacent to the site as well as identifying other reclamation concerns.

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Mine Water and Selenium Management Plan

Mine Water and Selenium Management Plan

Matrix was engaged to design a water and selenium management program as part of a Feasibility Study and to complete baseline environmental monitoring and assessments to support the groundwater and surface water components of an EPEA application for the Tent Mountain open pit coal mine project.

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