Matrix Solutions began more than 35 years ago. Combining science, experience, and innovation with a sustainable business model, Matrix laid the foundation for a strong future. Staying true to our early roots, the hundreds of talented professionals at Matrix are part of a unique team experience that fosters an amazing culture, attracts the best in the industry, and enables our company to grow and thrive while providing the best services possible to our clients.

The Story of Matrix

Matrix has grown both organically and through a series of mergers. Many of the professionals who worked for our predecessor companies continue to work with us today, bringing a depth of experience and an interdisciplinary approach to project work.


Our roots go back to 1984 when Jim Lore founded a consulting company to provide land assessment and reclamation consulting services to the agricultural and energy sectors. J. Lore and Associates was renamed 3D Reclamation in 1996 as our focus broadened to include soil contaminant assessments for the oil and gas industry.


Groundwater Solutions was founded to assist industry and government clients in groundwater contamination and hydrogeology projects.


Groundwater Solutions and 3D Reclamation merge to become Matrix Solutions, combining our strengths in soil and groundwater assessments to provide our clients with more comprehensive services.


E2 Environmental Alliance joined Matrix, adding expertise in environmental impact management and assessment, and experience in international projects.


Hydroconsult EN3 Services joined Matrix, increasing capacity and expertise in river engineering and other surface water disciplines.


Odyssey Environmental merged with Matrix, broadening Matrix’s capacity for site assessment, remediation, and reclamation projects throughout Saskatchewan and Manitoba.


Ontario based AquaResource merged with Matrix, combining the leading edge water resource management, environmental, and engineering services of the two firms, and expanding Matrix’s market presence across the country and internationally.


PARISH Geomorphic merged with Matrix, bringing together some of the country’s most respected experts in water resource management, and leveraging Matrix’s surface water and groundwater expertise with PARISH’s expertise in geomorphology and aquatic services. The merger further expanded our market presence in Eastern Canada.


Braun Consulting Engineers of Guelph, Ontario joined Matrix bringing more than 30 years of civil engineering experience in infrastructure, development and recreation projects – furthering our water resource assessment, design, and construction expertise.


Chopko Environmental joined Matrix, expanding our front-end spill response services in central Alberta and increasing Matrix’s opportunity to grow our contaminated site offerings.


Ecosystem Recovery Inc. joined Matrix further expanding our water resources practice with a team specializing in assessing, managing and restoring built and natural infrastructure to protect communities from flood and erosion hazards.

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