The Project is located near the City of Edmonton in Strathcona County. A front‑end engineering design study was completed by the client to determine the stability of the slopes adjacent to the site as well as identifying other reclamation concerns. The west berm was determined to have significant erosion at the toe of the slope and is progressively sloughing close to a culvert outlet that was also washing out. It was determined that fixing the berm and improving the station’s stormwater management system was necessary to preserve the integrity of the site.


Matrix was first contacted by the client to review the previous studies completed on site as well as the conditions on site and to provide high-level recommendations to support the next phases of the project. Upon review of the existing information, site conditions and based on discussions with the client , Matrix was contracted to provide ESC recommendations and to review the current culvert design as it applies to the Alberta Water Act and the Fisheries Act. Upon review, Matrix provided environmental recommendations to support detailed design. Once complete, Matrix was also contracted to provided Environmental Inspection services to assist with the implementation of the mitigation measures identified in the Environmental Protection Plan (EPP) and the ESC plan. The following services were provided during the project:

  • Planning and Permitting
  • Technical guidance and strategic advice
  • ESC Plan including recommendations on seed mixes
  • Environmental mitigation measure development
  • Fish and fish habitat assessment
  • Environmental Inspection
  • GIS and Mapping


There were various previous studies completed by different service providers previously while conditions on the site continued to change over time. This required Matrix and the client to identify gaps in existing information as it applies to the current site conditions in support of the development of the ESC plan.


The collaboration with the Company project team, contractors, and Matrix’s to development an ESA plan to address the project requirements led to the successful implementation of the EPP and ESC plan. Matrix continues to provide support for the project when required.


Transportation Company




August 2021 – ongoing


  • Erosion and Sedimentation Plan (ESC) including ESC measures and mitigation
  • Reclamation recommendations
  • Planning and permitting
  • Environmental Inspection
  • Fish and fish habitat assessment and recommendations

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