Contaminant Hydrogeology & Geochemistry

Evaluation of groundwater remediation options, soil reclamation, and aquifer vulnerability require a strong understanding of transport and fate of natural and man-made constituents in groundwater and the subsurface pathways. Our contaminant hydrogeologists, geochemists, chemists, and soil scientists are experts in the application of soil, groundwater, and vapour sampling methods to characterize existing sources, contaminant plumes, and natural geochemical conditions along pathways to potential receptors. Data on geochemical conditions is integrated into conceptual models and represented in analytical or numerical models to assess future transport and fate and water or soil quality at receptors. These modelling tools and expertise are also used to assess the effectiveness of remediation options, enabling risk-informed management decisions.

Key service areas include: 

  • Geochemical, Thermal and Microbiological Characterization of Natural Flow Systems
  • Contaminated Site Assessment and Remediation
  • Conceptual Model Development
  • Geochemical Sampling and Analysis
  • Groundwater flow and contaminant transport modelling
  • Source Tracking and Forensic Geochemistry
  • Salt Impacts Oil & Gas, Road Salt
  • LNAPL and DNAPL Transport and Fate
  • Chemical Speciation Modelling
  • Thermal Effects Monitoring and Modelling
  • Multi-Phase Transport and Fate Modelling
  • Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessments
  • Legacy Oil and Gas Well Assessment & Management
  • Contaminant Specific Isotopic Analysis
  • Natural Attenuation and Microbial Assisted Degradation
  • Natural Geochemistry and Isotopic Analysis
  • EPM and Fracture Flow Modelling
  • Carbon Capture and Storage – Geochemistry
  • Tailings Pond Assessments
  • Acid Rock Drainage Assessment and Mitigation

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Mine Water and Selenium Management Plan

Mine Water and Selenium Management Plan

Matrix was engaged to design a water and selenium management program as part of a Feasibility Study and to complete baseline environmental monitoring and assessments to support the groundwater and surface water components of an EPEA application for the Tent Mountain open pit coal mine project.

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Spill Response and Remediation Program Management

Spill Response and Remediation Program Management

Murphy Oil Corporation discovered a condensate release from one of its pipelines at three separate surface locations in April 2015. Our client needed to delineate and contain the spill. Monitoring of wildlife, surface water, groundwater, and atmosphere quality was required to assess for impacts from the release. Once containment was put in place, Murphy needed to remediate and manage risks associated with the spill.

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Decommissioned Gas Plant and Well Sites

Decommissioned Gas Plant and Well Sites

When operations ended at our client’s northern former gas plant field, they wanted to understand the environmental impacts and how they could effectively manage and reduce their environmental liabilities. The field included former wells, a decommissioned gas plant, and an air strip.

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