Responsible energy fuels growth, connection and prosperity around the world. As our energy systems have evolved and transformed, Matrix has expanded our technical knowledge to support the planning, development, construction, operation and closure of various energy systems across Canada. Our long history in western Canada has established deep institutional knowledge of the regulatory systems that support the production and distribution of energy. As a result, we are well positioned to apply that knowledge to help our clients decarbonize their operations and their energy production to align with the needs of a net zero future. We also continue to support our clients with the safe and reliable operation of existing energy systems and with preparing for their eventual closure and reclamation.

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Learn more about the services and solutions we provide to our Energy sector clients

Learn more about the services and solutions we provide to our Energy Sector clients

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Strathcona Berm Stabilization Project

Strathcona Berm Stabilization Project

The Project is located near the City of Edmonton in Strathcona County. A front‑end engineering design study was completed by the client to determine the stability of the slopes adjacent to the site as well as identifying other reclamation concerns.

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