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From stormwater management to channel restoration and floodplain management to hydraulic modeling and analysis, Matrix Solutions’ experience spans the entire water resource spectrum. Our team delivers practical design solutions that integrate engineering with surface water, groundwater, geomorphology, ecology, and planning through the innovative application of science and technology. 

Industry Leaders

Known across the country as industry leaders, our experienced team of engineering professionals and technologists deliver a wide range of projects from simple culvert installations to restoration of complex natural channel systems, to development of multi-faceted flood risk mitigation strategies. We pride ourselves on our unique focus on water resources and are dedicated to helping clients and communities manage water supply, design urban stormwater management systems, and undertake flood forecasting risk assessments, balancing the needs of development and infrastructure improvement while preserving our natural environment.

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Meet our Technical Director for Water Resources Engineering

Nicholas Krygsman

What has been the most rewarding part of your career working in water resources engineering?

Throughout my career I have been honoured to work along side an amazing collection of engineers and applied scientists from across Canada. Although rooted in the same water resources engineering principles, it has been the diversity of the people I have worked with and geographical locations I have worked in that have been the most rewarding part of my career.

What attributes make for a strong water resources engineering practitioner?

To succeed as a water resources engineer not only requires an understanding of complex systems, such as the hydrologic cycle, but also the way in which humans interact with those systems. Strong water resources engineers understand that we play an important role in pushing the boundaries of applied science, balancing the application of innovative technology and sound engineering judgement with an innate focus on human/environmental health and safety.

Why is the water resources engineering practice area important for Matrix?

Preserving, managing, and enhancing water resources is not only at the core of our business model, but it also forms the core of Matrix Solutions’ mission and culture. Limited availability, environmental sensitivities, increasing demand, and continuing development pressures in flood-prone areas highlight the need for sustainable and resilient water resource management.

Related Projects

West Eau Claire Park Public Realm Plan

West Eau Claire Park Public Realm Plan

West Eau Claire Park is a popular area along the Bow River, just north and west of downtown and near the iconic Peace Bridge. The City of Calgary wished to connect the community with the Bow River and also provide important flood protection for downtown Calgary. The park was redeveloped through widening and raising the existing pathway, protecting and enhancing the river bank, and grading and landscaping the south overbank area to protect against a 1:200-year flood event with 0.5 m of freeboard.

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Subwatershed Study to Support Land Use Planning

Subwatershed Study to Support Land Use Planning

In order to develop a new urban area, the Government of Ontario required our client, a local municipality, to complete a Conceptual Master Plan guided by the Government’s Official Plan. Our client’s Conceptual Master Plan was required to provide an understanding of the water resources and natural heritage system function and was used to develop Secondary and Master Environmental Servicing Plans.

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Calgary Zoo Flood Mitigation

Calgary Zoo Flood Mitigation

The Calgary Zoo was severely impacted by the historical June 2013 floods in southern Alberta. Located primarily on St. George’s Island, a 32 acre body of land in the middle of the Bow River, the Zoo was inundated with 1 to 2 m of water. Total damages approximated $50 million. The flood mitigation consists of bank armouring, earth berms, a sheet pile installed below and above ground around St. George’s Island, and a dewatering system to manage stormwater and groundwater. These measures will protect the zoo against water levels up to 1 m above the 2013 flood, and 0.5 m above the 1:100-year flood elevation.

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