Matrix recognized in 2021 EBJ Business Achievement Awards

Environmental Business Journal (EBJ) has recognized Matrix in its 2021 Business Achievement Awards.
Matrix was recognized in the Industry Leadership and Information Technology categories for 2021. Below are the award summaries for each category from EBJ:


Matrix Solutions Inc. for delivering innovation and services for the protection of drinking water supplies. In 2000, an outbreak of E. coli in drinking water sickened more than 2,000 people and resulted in six deaths in Walkerton, Ontario, Canada. Following this tragedy, Matrix Solutions joined a team of experts to develop new technical practices and standards to protect the quantity and quality of Ontario’s drinking water supplies. Technical contributions made by Matrix resulted in the development of the Clean Water Act (2006), which is now followed by Ontario municipalities to provide safe potable water. The Clean Water Act requires municipalities to develop Drinking Water Source Protections Plans that identify any significant threats to drinking water quality or quantity along with mitigation plans safeguarding against these threats. Since 2006, Matrix has contributed to the drinking water source protection plans for many Ontario municipalities relying on surface water and groundwater supplies and continues to serve municipal clients in maintaining safe drinking water supplies.


Matrix Solutions Inc. (Calgary, Alberta) for innovations relating to the rapid closure of abandoned oil and gas wellsites. Canada has hundreds of thousands of oil and gas wellsites that are no longer productive but have not yet been properly closed or reclaimed. Matrix is working with global energy companies in Western Canada to reduce environmental liabilities associated with abandoned wellsites. The company developed the Rapid Site Condition Model (RSCM) – a geospatial data management and visualization solution – to create remediation action plans efficiently for sites with contamination. This innovative solution provides interactive visualization of all information related to the impact plume extents and juxtaposes them against natural environmental and constructed features to facilitate an informed decision-making outcome. The RSCM is further enhanced by the addition of machine learning and artificial neural network tools, which easily access the large dataset stored in the system to gain insights on important trends and patterns pertaining to site management and mitigation. The RSCM has been used to develop remediation action plans for orphan wells and facilities that are timelier, more economical, and have a lower environmental footprint.

About EBJ Business Achievement Awards

Each year, Environmental Business International Inc. and its award selection committee present Business Achievement Awards in several categories to worthy recipients in the environmental and climate change industries. Final awards were determined by a committee of EBJ staff, EBJ editorial advisory board members and regular contributors.

Congratulations to all Matrix team members who were involved!



Matrix Solutions is a 100% employee-owned pure play environmental consulting and engineering design firm based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. For nearly 40 years, the company has developed innovative, pragmatic, and sustainable solutions for public and private sector clients operating across North America. Core markets include infrastructure, renewable energy, oil and gas, midstream, and mining. Visit to learn more about the project services and solutions the company provides.

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