Environmental Compliance Monitoring
AltaLink Oldman River Bank Protection

AltaLink Oldman River Bank Protection

The foundations of four AltaLink transmission structures were threatened due to significant bank erosion along a 900m reach of the Oldman River, Alberta. Further bank erosion could impact the reliability of the line or require the relocation of the structures to another location.

Natural Gas Pipeline Release

Natural Gas Pipeline Release

One of our pipeline clients discovered a pin hole in one of their pipelines that was leaking natural gas and liquids into the soil. Our client needed to understand the extent of the contamination, and most importantly, prevent the contamination from spreading to domestic water wells and the nearby river.

Fertilizer Plant Soil Monitoring Program

Fertilizer Plant Soil Monitoring Program

Agrium was required to conduct a Soil Monitoring Program (SMP) at their central Alberta fertilizer plant. Soil monitoring at industrial sites across Alberta are required every five years in order to meet the terms and conditions of their operating approval as specified in the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA).

CANA Substation Soil Management and Inspection

CANA Substation Soil Management and Inspection

CANA was hired by a local transmission utility company to replace a transformer and conduct upgrades to an existing substation. The utility company, who CANA was working for, had project specific environmental requirements which CANA was obligated to meet.

Canmore Cougar Creek Debris Flood Retention

Canmore Cougar Creek Debris Flood Retention

Heavy rains in the Bow Valley in 2013 caused a debris flood on Cougar Creek that resulted in widespread damage to municipal infrastructure, homes, property, businesses, the Trans-Canada Highway, Highway 1A, and the Canadian Pacific Railway. The Town of Canmore invested significant time and effort in evaluating different mitigation options and, as a result, proposed the construction of a debris flood retention structure.

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Air Quality Assessment: In Situ Thermal Oil Sands SAGD Facility

NORTHERN ALBERTAPROJECT SUMMARY An oilsands developer requested to scope a potential increase in their facility sulphur dioxide (SO2) emission limit to allow for operational flexibility. To support this regulatory amendment request, Matrix Solutions Inc. conducted...

Lithium Brine Deposit Resource and Reserve Estimate

SALAR LITHIUM BRINE PLAY – ARGENTINA, S. AMERICAPROJECT SUMMARY Our client was in the resource delineation and quantification stage of planning a lithium brine project in South America. As part of this exploration, it was recognized that hydrogeological aquifer...

Flood Mitigation Study for New Hamburg

NEW HAMBURG, ONTARIOPROJECT SUMMARY The Town of New Hamburg is located along the Nith River and is one of 27 municipal flood damage centres in the Grand River Conservation Authority’s (GRCA’s) jurisdiction. The Town was established and developed in the Nith River...

We routinely lead characterization of stream morphology to:

  • Assess fluvial erosion hazards
  • Develop alternatives for erosion control in environmental assessments
  • Develop management strategies as part of land use planning (subwatershed, secondary, tertiary plans and site plans)
  • Assist in culvert/bridge design
  • Define erosion thresholds to inform stormwater management

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