Stephen Braun elected President of Canadian Water Resources Association

At this year’s Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA) annual general meeting, Stephen Braun, senior water resources engineer at Matrix Solutions, was elected CWRA President. Stephen has previously served as a CWRA national director since 2012 and spent a term as President for the association’s Ontario Branch.

“I am looking forward to interacting with the diverse range of people who do water resources work across Canada,” Stephen said. “I hope to help increase CWRA’s role in bringing water people together, sharing knowledge, and of course “promoting effective water management.”

With more than 30 years’ experience in water resources engineering, Stephen is well qualified to help advance CWRA’s mission to promote effective water management, both in Canada and through participation in international water management activities. He joined Matrix Solutions in 2015 where he manages a wide range of multidisciplinary and integrated water management projects, including flood plain studies, watercourse rehabilitation work, and urban stormwater management. Stephen holds a Bachelor of Science in water resources engineering from the University of Guelph and has co-invented several innovative stormwater quality treatment devices.

“Water resources work demands a lot and is a constant balance of competing interests and values,” Stephen said. “We are asked to protect the environment, most often within the context of development or keeping people safe. I value working within that dynamic and trying to resolve the tension.”

Congratulations on this well-deserved selection Stephen!

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