Operation Minerva

March 28, 2013

Operation Minerva is an organization that brings young women and female science mentors together. This March, our female scientists hosted a great group of young women. We are proud to be a part of Operation Minerva and look forward to taking part again next year.

Some of the studies that were showcased for the young women were:

  • Groundwater monitoring well identification
  • Groundwater monitoring well installation overview
  • Groundwater monitoring and free-phase product identification
  • Groundwater sampling techniques

After the mentoring session, students wrote to our female scientists, mentioning some of the areas which had been particularly interesting, including:

  • Contaminant transport pathways and receptors
  • Environmental work in Medicine Hat area
  • The importance of soil types at a site
  • Vegetation assessments
  • Work/life balance

We here at Matrix greatly enjoyed having the opportunity to mentor these young women.

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