The City of Medicine Hat is committed to environmental sustainability. Part of their commitment includes an initiative to have all of their departments develop and align their environmental management system (EMS) to the international ISO 14001 standard.


Matrix was asked by the Corporate Asset Management and Municipal Works departments to facilitate the development of a new EMS. We put together a core team with EMS, municipal services, and audit expertise and supported the two departments with their divergent activities by gaining an understanding of their facilities, activities, and personnel. When the EMS was completed, we were retained to perform an environmental compliance audit and an EMS gap assessment against the newly released ISO 14001:2015 standard.


Having a comprehensive EMS was new to the departments and required facilitation to understand existing processes and the ISO 14001 standard. Having a consistent team and an adaptable approach helped sustain momentum over the long timeline. 


The City of Medicine Hat departments worked hard to establish a conscientious culture while building their EMS, and are now in the implementation phase. They have the data to better understand environmental risks and potential impacts, and have formalized many activities with standard operating procedures and training.


The City of Medicine Hat, Corporate Asset Management and Municipal Works departments




3 years


  • Management systems and audits

    We routinely lead characterization of stream morphology to:

    • Assess fluvial erosion hazards
    • Develop alternatives for erosion control in environmental assessments
    • Develop management strategies as part of land use planning (subwatershed, secondary, tertiary plans and site plans)
    • Assist in culvert/bridge design
    • Define erosion thresholds to inform stormwater management

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