Water Supply

Identifying, obtaining approval for, and protecting sustainable water supplies are critical for the development and health of our communities and businesses. Our team of groundwater, surface water, and environmental specialists can help you understand your options and implement an effective water supply strategy. We develop practical, appropriate, and scalable solutions that consider available sources, local environmental conditions, regulatory requirements, and a changing climate to meet your long‑term water needs.

Key service areas include:

  • Assessment of instream and environmental flow requirements
  • Compliance monitoring and reporting
  • Drinking water source protection
  • Environmental assessments
  • Groundwater and surface water interaction studies
  • Hydrometric and hydrogeologic monitoring
  • Integrated water management plans
  • Regulatory approval applications
  • Siting, drilling, and testing of groundwater supply and monitoring wells
  • Surface water, groundwater, water quality, and integrated modelling
  • Water supply strategies for resource exploration and operations

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