Civil Engineering

Our civil design sector is led by experienced professionals and technologists who understand the value of detail oriented and resilient design solutions. To support any size project from initiation to implementation, we are proud to provide the following services to our public and private sector clients.

forms a critical aspect of the Matrix approach to Civil design to ensure subsequent phases are inclusive, technically well rooted and conceptually confirmed including:

  • Site visits, topographic surveys and baseplan preparation
  • Class Environmental Assessments, risk assessments
  • Agency and stakeholder consultations, approvals applications and public liaison
  • Technical design criteria, calculations and modelling
  • Scheduling, cost estimating, cost-benefit analysis and budgeting

Detailed Design
at Matrix takes a balanced and value-based approach to consider local sensitivities and reduce client risk. Designed solutions include full development of engineering design drawings and documents for the following client needs:

  • Watermains and sanitary sewers, storm sewer systems, overland/infiltration systems, Low Impact Development solutions, stormwater management/retention facilities
  • Watercourses crossing structures, natural channel re-alignments, erosion remediation, slope stabilizations
  • Planting/revegetation plans, protection plans, dewatering schematics
  • Urban/rural roadways, pathways, sidewalks, access roads, and parking lots
  • Asphalt rehabilitation, drainage improvements, infrastructure repairs/retrofits stormwater management retrofits

Construction Phase
activities at Matrix rely on an informed, open and proactive communications to ensure clients trust our team to act with their interests and needs in mind, including:

  • Contract/tender document preparation, submittals and shop drawing reviews
  • Contract administration and site inspection
  • Post construction monitoring and reporting


  • Federal and provincial regulatory expertise
  • Integrated environmental and engineering services
  • Proven effective project management
  • Dedication to outstanding technical quality