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24-Hour Spill Response

1.877.774.5525 or 1.877.SPILL25

Spill Response peace of mind

Matrix responds to numerous spills every year from our offices strategically located across Western Canada. Our long‑standing relationships with regulators give you peace of mind that your environmental cleanup will be done quickly, properly, and in compliance with government expectations. Our experience ranges from small or routine spill cleanups to large-scale multidisciplinary responses that are featured in national media coverage. Whether you’d like us to play a lead or supporting role, Matrix will focus on developing pragmatic, site specific spill response strategies that incorporate the right professionals at the right time.

We help you consider the possible outcomes of mitigation at the early stages of the spill response to identify the most appropriate strategies. The result is a cost effective, scalable response that is tailored to site conditions and your objectives.

Spill Response protocol

Based on our experience, we put together a quick reference sheet to help you with:

  • Who to notify
  • Steps to ensure safety and containment
  • Who can help
  • Things to avoid
  • Local Matrix contacts for assistance on the ground

Click to view our Spill Response protocol reference sheet.

Our Spill Response expertise includes:

  • Receptor Identification – Quickly identifying at risk receptors using GIS based tools
  • Leadership – Trained and experienced with the Incident Command System (ICS), skilled at developing mitigation plans and managing equipment and contractors
  • Communication – Acting as liaison with regulators, land owners, and other stakeholders
  • Flexibility – The ability to integrate parallel activities such as facility repairs and normal operations
  • Scalability – On demand support from specialists in aquatics, wildlife, vegetation, surface water, engineering, and numerical modeling disciplines
  • Innovation – In-house capability to use unmanned aerial vehicles to provide near real-time imagery and geophysical assessment tools to help delineate contamination quickly
  • Focused Assessment – GIS-supported data gathering focused on monitoring at risk receptors
  • UAV use – Near real‑time imagery using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
  • Daily Reporting – Daily activity summaries, figures, analytical tables, and costs
  • Waste Minimization – Segregating waste using field testing techniques to minimize trucking and disposal costs and technical advice when choosing onsite versus offsite treatment options
  • Support – Assisting with the transition from emergency spill response to environmental assessment, remediation, and monitoring
  • Closure – Providing the final closure report required by regulatory agencies

Proactive solutions to reduce and avoid spills

Our experience has also allowed us to develop proactive services aimed at helping your operation reduce or avoid spills and prepare your emergency response protocols.

  • Risk Assessment and Ranking – Identifying high risk or high liability spill potential areas within existing operations.
  • Planning – Developing regional spill response strategies that account for conditions such as soil type, terrain, contaminants of concern, and receptor sensitivity.
  • Prevention – Supporting development of practical emergency response procedures and spill prevention programs.
  • Strategic Development – Providing input on pipeline routing and other new projects to reduce future risk.

Western Canada locations for local spill response

Western Canada Spill Response contacts


Fort St. John – 780.512-8444


Calgary – 403.237.0606

Cold Lake – 780.594.8103

Drayton Valley – 780.542.9148

Edmonton – 780.490.6830

Grande Prairie – 780.512.8444

Medicine Hat – 403.526.0650


Kindersley – 306.430.1186

Lloydminster – 306.825.6900

Oxbow – 306.861.7055

Regina – 306.861.7055

Saskatoon – 306.222.0892

Swift Current – 306.774.3009

Weyburn – 306.861.7055


Virden – 204.851.1704

Click below for some examples of spill response projects we’ve supported our clients with.

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