Spill Response

Whether it’s a small, routine spill cleanup in support of ongoing operations or a large, multidisciplinary emergency spill response with national media coverage, we have the knowledge and expertise to support you. Our long‑standing, positive relationship with regulators will give you peace of mind that your environmental cleanup will be done quickly, properly, and in compliance with government expectations.

With our network of offices across Canada, we can mobilize quickly to your site, but that’s not where our expertise ends. We can implement a communications strategy to ensure that there is smooth and responsive communication with you, the government, external contractors, and other stakeholders. This communication includes getting you data when you need it, often within hours of collection.

Whatever our role, we develop pragmatic, site‑specific spill response strategies that are scalable to your needs. We can scale our services up and down, depending on which phase the emergency response is in. The result is a cost‑effective response tailored to your site conditions and objectives.

Our spill response expertise includes:

  • Field testing and equipment management
  • Geophysical assessment tools to quickly delineate salinity impacts
  • GIS and aerial imagery data to identify critical receptors and quickly evaluate potential risk
  • Near real‑time imagery using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
  • Spill response strategy development
  • Stakeholder and regulatory engagement and reporting
  • Training and experience using the Incident Command System (ICS)
  • Transition to site assessment and remediation

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