Air Emissions Management

Air quality is important to you, your company, and the communities where you live and work. Air quality isn’t only about the air we breathe; it’s also about maintaining regulatory compliance to ensure project success. At Matrix Solutions, we take the time to understand your project so that we can provide practical solutions that help you meet the expectations of the ever-evolving regulatory systems across Canada. We help you meet and reduce your greenhouse gas (GHG) and air emission targets and understand what impact your project’s emissions may have on other environmental factors, such as lakes and streams. Together, we can manage your air emissions to mitigate your reputational and operational risks.

Our air emissions management expertise includes:

  • Dispersion modelling for regulatory applications: CALMET/CALPUFF, AERMOD, AERSCREEN
  • GHG emission quantification and embodied carbon assessments to meet municipal, provincial, and federal regulations
  • Accidental release and explosive modelling
  • Ambient air quality monitoring and data interpretation
  • Emission quantification, including National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) and benzene calculations
  • Applied meteorology and climate station installation
  • Climate change analysis using Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) data
  • Design assistance, including stack height calculations and location options
  • Methane reduction strategies and flaring and venting assessments
  • Nuisance assessments, including odour and dust
  • Regional and local air emissions inventories meeting federal and provincial requirements

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