Environmental Compliance Monitoring

All too often, data collected through environmental compliance monitoring programs is filed as part of a regulatory report but can’t be used to support operating decisions.

At Matrix Solutions, our approach to environmental compliance monitoring allows you align multiple monitoring needs to maximize the value of your investment. The design and execution of our integrated monitoring programs combines our terrestrial, aquatic, and hydrogeological disciplines with high quality data management. This gives you valuable information to make strategic operating decisions and manage your environmental risks, while meeting your compliance monitoring and assessment requirements.

Our environmental compliance monitoring services include:

  • Aerial imagery acquisition, processing and analysis
  • Aquatic habitat assessment and monitoring
  • Constraints mapping
  • Construction compliance, monitoring and environmental inspection
  • Data management
  • Groundwater modelling, assessment and monitoring
  • Identification and analysis of high risk compliance constraints
  • Soil quality assessment and monitoring
  • Surface water quality assessment and monitoring
  • Vegetation assessment and monitoring
  • Wetlands assessment and monitoring
  • Wildlife assessment and monitoring

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