Site Reclamation Services

Now that you’re finished with your site, you want to be able to return it to a state that meets regulatory standards, allowing you to reduce your environmental liability. At Matrix Solutions, we provide practical and cost‑effective land reclamation services that support site closure. From iPads to fixed‑wing aircrafts to custom databases, Matrix uses the latest technology and specialized assessment methods to provide practical and cost‑effective land reclamation services.

Reclamation services include:

  • Annual regulatory reporting
  • Conservation and reclamation (C&R) plans
  • Detailed site assessments (DSAs)
  • Developing conceptual and project‑level conservation, reclamation, and closure plans
  • Pre‑development assessment reports
  • Reclamation certificate applications
  • Reclamation monitoring program plans
  • Site‑specific reclamation assessments
  • Supervision and coordination of wellbore cut‑and‑cap projects
  • Supervision of physical site reclamation projects

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