Indigenous Relationships

Building relationships and partnerships with Indigenous communities is important to our business and employees.

To ensure we are working in a manner that is welcoming and respectful of cultural diversity, we:

  • Actively initiate and build relationships with Indigenous communities
  • Employ residents, hire local companies, and work with our clients to host Indigenous programs

Matrix Solutions has alliances with numerous Indigenous communities and businesses throughout Canada, allowing us to align our goals and culture with those of our clients and local communities. Our experience in engaging Indigenous communities in training, mentorship, and employment also provides opportunities for Matrix to listen and learn about the community, its culture and needs, and interest in environmental work.

Matrix’s Indigenous initiatives include the following:

  • Contracting Indigenous businesses and assistants in communities across Canada
  • Developing formal business relationships to pursue opportunities together
  • Providing Mentorship and Environmental Training (MET) programs to communities
  • Attending Indigenous student job fairs and hiring employees

The Mentorship and Environmental Training (MET) Program

Matrix’s MET program provides mentorship and training in environmental sciences to members of Indigenous communities. Designed to spark interest in future employment opportunities as environmental inspectors or monitors, the programs are typically linked to a client project. Each MET program includes classroom sessions followed by field experience, and is tailored to the community and project at hand.

Matrix’s Indigenous Relations Policy was developed in 2015 to guide our ongoing commitment to encourage the development of sustainable and lasting relationships with Indigenous communities.