Company Culture

What’s unique about Matrix Solutions? We are. Our people’s diverse educational backgrounds, determination, and overwhelming sense of dedication are what set us apart.

We thrive on partnering with our clients to develop scientifically sound, pragmatic, and sustainable solutions and creating better communities.

We believe in building relationships, working hard, having an impact, and challenging the norm to produce the best experience for our clients. Why? Because we care about the work we do, the solutions we develop, and the people we work with.

With the brightest minds as our weapons, tenacity as our fuel, stewardship in our blood, and partnership at our core we exist to make a difference.

Matrix Mission Chart

People and Relationships

It is together that we create a positive, respectful workplace that helps us deliver our best.

  • We are all empowered to be innovative, reliable, and accountable contributors to project and company goals
  • We encourage personal and professional growth of all employees through training, developing multiple skill sets, and sharing leadership opportunities
  • Open communication, respect, integrity, and ethical conduct are the foundation of our productive working relationships

High Performance

We deliver exceptional value to our clients by providing sustainable solutions that are technically sound, costeffective, and timely.

  • Our dedication to developing solutions is what differentiates us from the rest of our industry
  • Our commitment to high performance enhances our corporate reputation and builds shareholder value for our employee owners


Our decisions, actions, and willingness to take responsibility for results make a difference.

  • We recognize and value our accountability to our clients, coworkers, families, shareholders, and communities
  • We strive to conserve and improve the environments where we live and work