Project Summary

In order to develop a new urban area, the Government of Ontario required our client, a local municipality, to complete a Conceptual Master Plan guided by the Government’s Official Plan. Our client’s Conceptual Master Plan was required to provide an understanding of the water resources and natural heritage system function and was used to develop Secondary and Master Environmental Servicing Plans.

Our Role

Matrix worked with our client to characterize the watercourses, wetlands, and natural systems. We also assessed the potential impacts of existing and future development considering alternative land use plans, and offered management strategies to mitigate potential impacts.

In consultation with landowners, the municipality, agencies, and the public, we completed:

  • Hydrologic, hydrogeologic and geomorphic assessments of subwatersheds including surface water and groundwater flow systems modelling of functions and function linkages between systems
  • Impact assessments to identify and quantify existing and future stressors with respect to proposed land use scenarios including
  • Quantitative analysis of Stormwater Management and Low Impact Development (LID) Best Management Practice alternatives
  • Preferred management plan to address bank stability, erosion control, channel migration, groundwater recharge/discharge
  • Long-term monitoring plans to evaluate the effectiveness of the management strategies


Our client used our subwatershed study to inform the Conceptual Master Plan and to develop Secondary and Master Environmental Servicing Plans for a new development area.


Confidential municipality



Project Lifespan

2 years

Services Provided

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