Project Summary

Murphy Oil Corporation discovered a condensate release from one of its pipelines at three separate surface locations in April 2015. Our client needed to delineate and contain the spill. Monitoring of wildlife, surface water, groundwater, and atmosphere quality was required to assess for impacts from the release. Once containment was put in place, Murphy needed to remediate and manage risks associated with the spill.

Our Role

Matrix Solutions Inc. was asked by Murphy to provide technical direction and document initial spill response activities, including the preparation of 25 action plans and technical documents within the first 45 days. The 2016 remediation program included surface water, groundwater, wildlife, and vegetation monitoring; remediation of impacted soil; management of impacted surface water; soil assessment; development of reclamation plans in consultation with First Nations; revising remediation action plans, risk management plans, and conceptual site models; documentation of atmospheric monitoring; greenhouse gas emission estimates; and project liability estimation.


Matrix supported Murphy by delivering action plans, assessments, monitoring, and additional technical support during the emergency spill response. As the project progressed to a monitoring and remediation program, Matrix effectively integrated multiple disciplines focused on end results to ensure project organization and adaptability. Matrix was able to support Murphy through our ability to work effectively with local contractors and First Nations groups, as well as provide recommendations to the remediation program. As a result, Murphy successfully reduced the overall project costs in 2016 by $2 million.


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