Project Summary

The Town of Lashburn wanted to expand an existing community playground that was next to a historical building. During the expansion, an underground storage tank (UST) used for heating fuel was discovered. Hydrocarbons had been released into soil and groundwater, and potential vapour migration into the building was a concern. Lashburn wanted to ensure the playground and historical building would be safe without risks to human health or the environment.

Our Role

Matrix was asked to assess the nature, extent, and implications of the underground impacts associated with the UST. The tank was removed, along with some of the surrounding soil. We completed an environmental site assessment (ESA) to delineate the hydrocarbon impacts in the soil, which included monitoring wells to gather groundwater and air data, and conducted a human health risk assessment. We developed a go-forward plan for the site, which included a combination of remediation and risk management, and represented our client to the regulator.


The most significant challenge was the presence of hydrocarbons under the building, which could not be removed without tearing down the building. We addressed this challenge in our risk management plan.


As a result of the remediation and risk management work, Lashburn was able to build the playground and preserve the historical building, as there was no longer a risk of hydrocarbons impacting human health.

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