Project Summary

To meet conditions of the National Energy Board approval for a pipeline expansion project, water wells within a 200 m proximity of blasting locations where required to be assessed before and after blasting activities. The purpose of the program was to complete testing and assessment of the water wells to establish baseline water quantity and quality information and to enable subsequent confirmation that the blasting activities associated with the project did not impact the wells.

Our Role

  • Completing residential water well owner surveys
  • Testing water quantity comprising flow or pumping/yield tests
  • Collecting groundwater quality samples for laboratory analysis of specified parameters and data assessment against relevant guidelines
  • Presenting results and well-maintenance reference materials in concise factual reports for the well owners
  • Preparation of water well assessment reports for our client


  • Accessing winterized residential water wells
  • Scheduling water well testing with multiple landowners to complete the program efficiently and to meet tight project timeframes

Project Outcome

Matrix was able to successfully complete the water well assessments in a limited timeframe and demonstrate that results of the follow-up water quantity and quality testing were consistent with the pre-disturbance results, verifying that there were no significant impacts from pipeline activities.


  • Pipelines

Services Provided

  • Hydrogeology
  • Water Supply

Project Lifespan

  • August 2017 – April 2018

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