Project Summary

As an international company doing business in Albania, Bankers Petroleum Albania Ltd. needs to conduct air quality and greenhouse gas (GHG) assessments to fulfill commitments to the International Finance Corporation and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Our Role

Matrix was retained to quantify emissions, model, and assist with emission reduction strategy for Bankers’ Patos Marinza oilfield, the largest onshore oilfield in continental Europe. The work would provide an understanding of the magnitude and spatial variation of the local air quality based on the existing emissions of the Patos Marinza site.

Two Matrix employees conducted a 2-week site visit to quantify and clarify the physical parameters of the site. During this field visit, a number of physical parameters were measured or confirmed, including identifying emission sources and physical exhaust parameters, identifying operating scenarios and process variability, and sampling bitumen and plant life in the area.


Matrix helped Bankers meet their air quality and GHG reporting requirements. Practical mitigation measures were recommended to improve air quality and regional environmental impacts of the Patos Marinza oilfield.

Matrix also assisted Bankers in understanding the broader air quality issues facing Albania and continues to support Bankers in their efforts to support air quality improvement in Albania.


Bankers Petroleum Albania Ltd.


Oil and gas

Project Lifespan

August 2012 – ongoing

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