Project Summary

One of our pipeline clients discovered a pin hole in one of their pipelines that was leaking natural gas and liquids into the soil. Our client needed to understand the extent of the contamination, and most importantly, prevent the contamination from spreading to domestic water wells and the nearby river.

Our Role

Matrix Solutions, as the prime contractor, conducted the initial spill response for the project and determined the extent of the subsurface impacts. Matrix directed the excavation, biopile treatment, and backfill of 780 m3 of soil from the area immediately surrounding the pipeline break point.

During the assessment phase, free-phase hydrocarbons were discovered on the groundwater table. To address the impacts, Matrix installed and operated a multi-phase extraction (MPE) system and thermal oxidizer to remove and treat approximately 60 m3 of hydrocarbon gas and fluids from the subsurface. Chemical oxidation was then used to further reduce the hydrocarbon levels in the groundwater and subsurface.  Monitored Natural Attenuation (MNA) is being used to manage the site until subsurface hydrocarbon concentrations reach the acceptable criteria.


With support from Matrix, the client was able to prevent hydrocarbons from reaching potential receptors and cost effectively manage the environmental liability associated with the leak.

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