Project Summary

Our client’s objective was simple – ensure environmental compliance. To meet this objective, our client had their own in-house audit team, which they supported with external, independent auditors as a means to supplement their expertise.

Our Role

Our role was to support our client’s internal environment, health, safety, and regulatory compliance audit program by applying our knowledge of their company and the various sectors and components of a project’s life cycle to lead audits and provide audit protocols for company use.

Audit scopes varied significantly. We met the needs of this dynamic portfolio by selecting lead auditors and auditors with specific industry and jurisdiction experience, and technical expertise in the area being audited. Our auditors are certified environmental auditors (EP[CEA] designations) with many years of industry experience.


Our client’s audit program is part of their culture of due diligence. We were able to support their culture through an open, transparent, and objective audit process. We provided their operations with external eyes and opinions to complement their use of internal resources and help them ensure they are meeting environmental compliance requirements.




Oil and gas

Project Lifespan

5 years

Services Provided

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