Project Summary

In collaboration with Enbridge and the Town of Milton, Conservation Halton undertook a priority environmental project to decommission the existing Drumquin Park weir on East Sixteen Mile Creek and restore the natural channel function and habitat. Sixteen Mile Creek provides aquatic habitat to many species including the Silver Shiner, a species classified as at risk in Canada and threatened provincially. Removal of the Drumquin weir provides the opportunity to restore connectivity to downstream occupied Silver Shiner habitat and rehabilitate degraded Silver Shiner habitat – actions that address the various recovery objectives for this threatened species.

Our Role

Matrix was selected by Conservation Halton to carry the Schedule A+ Municipal Class Environmental Assessment, detailed design, and construction oversight for the project. Prior to design, Matrix completed geomorphic and aquatic assessments to assess channel stability and health. Detailed cross-sections and longitudinal channel surveys were conducted to support hydraulic modelling and detailed design for the weir removal and channel restoration. Engineers, geomorphologists, and ecologists all provided input to the design process to ensure that the channel was hydraulically stable and impacted geomorphic function was restored, while supporting and improving fish habitat and fish passage. Once permitting was approved, Matrix delivered onsite construction oversight, as-built survey and collected time-lapse aerial images throughout construction using unmanned aerial vehicles.


The removal of the Drumquin Park weir and channel restoration was completed in the summer of 2018. The site is now fully vegetated with native species and the wetland pockets designed throughout floodplain are inhabited with frogs, turtles and wetland plant species. Despite four flooding events that have occurred since construction, the channel is stable and performing as intended. In July 2019, Conservation Halton conducted fish sampling at the site, capturing over 13 different species, including Silver Shiner.

Client Name

Service Area


Project Lifespan

  • January 2016 – October 2018

Services Provided

  • Hydraulic Modelling
  • Geomorphic Assessments
  • Natural Channel Design
  • Floodplain Habitat Design
  • Fish Habitat Assessments
  • Restoration Plans
  • Regulatory Support
  • Construction Oversight
  • Aerial Imagery collection using UAV
  • As-built Survey and DEM Development

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