Project Summary

Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) wanted to create an interactive online map to help inform the Canadian public of the vast network of underground pipeline infrastructure in Canada. The About Pipelines Map, launched in 2015, allowed the Canadian public to easily view and understand pipeline infrastructure. The project focused on creating a site that was user-friendly and approachable to the general public. The site not only served to provide access to raw information, but also to educate about pipeline specific terminology and practices. The site provided a consistent user experience in both desktop and mobile environments.

Our Role

Matrix Solutions led the software development and deployment of the website. Matrix’s software developers, spatial database experts, and project managers worked closely with CEPA, data providers, and creative designers throughout the life-cycle of the project.


To provided the most value,  Matrix worked closely with CEPA to understand their needs and employed the principles of Agile software development and Continuous Delivery to deliver early and often.  This allowed CEPA to refine requirements and designs early and without delay.


With support from Matrix, the About Pipelines Map was successfully launched in 2015.  It was extended to include pipeline incidents in 2016.  The map is updated every month with new information.


Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA)


Oil and gas

Project Lifespan

2 years

Services Provided

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